We manage TALENTS

We manage

Adele Madau, Banda de Rolé, Booleecy, Buenas Costumbres, Cecina de León, Damon Robinson, Dj Toner, Doble The King, Dogo y Los Mercenarios, El Legado, Eneida Marta, Esprit Taguenwa, Gabacho Maroc, Gazal Música Poesía, Gnawind (new), Hutsun, Kenkeliba, Los Made in Barcelona, Lucky Lune, Lurpean, Maàlem Ba’kili Chouaib, Mariama & Vieux, Mon Casino Casamor, Mougli, Nakany Kanté, Olios Nidios (new), One Pac, Piero Pesce, Questioni Meridionali Folk (QMF), Sin Receta (new), Somedays Out, Sonikgroove, Taki, Ultimate Band, Ultimate Acoustic, Ultimate Dj, Ultimate Performance.

We offer
Acoustics, Arts, Bands, Blues, Dj´s, Flamenco Fusión, Folk, Instruments, Jazz, Performances, Pop Indie Alternativo, Swing, Rock & Roll, Singers, Urban (Reggae, DanceHall, Funk, Soul, R&B, HipHop, …), Visuals, World Music, and Ultimate Concept

Talent is a manifestation of emotional intelligence and it is a skill or set of skills or outstanding skills on a group to perform a given task successfully.

A Talent is «one who is able to create emotions and sensations with his work».

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