Colombian Dj Producer with Tropical Electronic Rooted with Basses and Beats, influences of Bassline, Dub, Dubstep and Latin Rhythms specially Cumbia.

Sonikgroove Contact: +34 613133726

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Sonikgroove is the solo project of artist Rodolfo Venegas, Colombian Producer and DJ based in Barcelona cross Cambuche Records Label. His tropical electronica is rooted on well defined basses and beats with influences of bassline, dub, dubstep mixed with latin rhythms specially cumbia.

His global bass Dj selection has led him to participate in Barcelona’s, Berlin’s, Bogota’s, and Stockholm’s night scenes making people hit the dance floor.

In an effort to mix analog and digital technologies, Sonikgroove applies different tools to give life to his own productions and also is member and co-founder of the band Territorio Comanche.

Sound experimentation of digital and analogue, the love of ancient Latin and avant-garde, are constantly within the musical development of this artist who has and continues to pursue its own space in the world stages.

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