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Legendary Rock´n´Roll Band.

El Legado Contact: +34 613133726, eko@eko.cat.

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El Legado born in 1986 placed in Cerdanyola del Vallés, Barcelona. Theirs is a mixture of Dictators, AC/DC, La Banda Trapera del Río, MC5, Motorhead, and any brutality of the sort you can think about, just Rock’n’Roll raw, visceral and straight to the stomach.

– Since 1986 –

El Legado is a group of Cerdanyola del Vallés , Barcelona ( Spain ) are the pride of the suburbs , the champions of the 70 ‘s Metal -Punk of his people , and I would say that the side with the most powerful direct Barcelona.

Theirs is a mixture of Dictators , AC / DC, La Banda Trapera del Rio , MC5 , Motorhead, brutality and any style you can think of, only Rock’n’Roll raw, visceral and straight to the stomach.

You are veterans in the Barcelona scene and have a 5 song demo (1991 ) and 3 singles over his career. For now, the trade press has treated pretty well but finding someone who dares to put these five pearls on stage and expect your local storm abates , the risks involved , is another story.

So far have only burned Asturias , Basque Country, ( with colleagues from Nuevo Catecismo Católico , Lord No Trapera Band and The River ), Valencia , Alicante and Castellón, part of the more than 140 concerts throughout leading geography Catalan , if you have friends in any of the above areas , ask! ……. question and you’ll see!

The model in question .. contains 5 pieces of incendiary Hard -Rock in which everything fits ( Sex, Drugs , Violence , Motorcycles etc … ) En La Noche Está El calor, The Last Easyrider , Obsession, Sucias Mentiras and As de Picas .. (for me this last is the best of the lot ) are the topics covered in this promising debut cassette , High Energy for you, your cousin for . The lyrics of these and leave prominently his main influences ( try everyday such as La Trapera ) .

His first single: Jimmy Suicide (1992) brings to light the independent Macaco Records Cardedeu ( BCN), this includes the songs are: Jimmy Suicide / Los Absurdos , and is the result of an LP shared with 4 other finalist bands a competition of breaking out.

These were rescued by Macaco Records and the band itself that the issues deserve , damn it ! this 7 » was single of the month in the Basque musical newspaper «El Tubo» and number 6 in the Hit -Parade Magazine » Ruta 66 » and are two great songs Hyper- energetic ( murderers I would say ) , a lot of bad blood and rhythm super wild I think is the best definition for these two projectiles painful guitars and wha- whas piecework if your veins carry blood from neighborhood like them , you will be identified abutting the lyrics: you invite disobeying the cops «Los Absurdos» and put upside down at night in the bars «Jimmy Suicide» said the host as you!

His next vinyl 45 rpm is the » Tribute to La Banda Trapera del Rio » (1992 ) , recorded live and in one take in the sound of the concert with Jeff Dahl made the February 7, 1993 in Garatge Club BCN , with Morfi «In Person» getting some lines in between. The themes were «Curriqui Barrio» and «Monopatin» , you want me to tell them they are gross asín give them a treatment that neither Mot % F6rhead fale ? , That’s it, fucking it , ah! This plastic reached number 3 in the Hit -Parade of «Ruta 66» , the single has edited Capote Records of Barcelona.

The Last of the lot is … Buffffff ! is that you no longer want or have , me have I blown computer speakers and you do not see «Burning For You» / «Cell 7359 (Every New Law Means a New Criminal)» (1993 ) is the new single this wrecker Cerdanyola eardrums and is published by the Australian label Au -Go -Go Records (yes, the same as if the Scientists discovered and now it Meanies … curra with it) , go kick mouth hits you that «Burning for You» shows us a lot more faster than legacy which we are accustomed , much bleeding , which riffs ! that basde rhythm ! that voice wildest cinnamon that’s what it is! «Cell 7359 (Every New Law Means a New Criminal)» is the Cosmic Psychos imagine , Motörhead and more donkeys Stooges yet , for that, this issue is as if you sodomized a Senegalese ear and that must hurt .. .

Signature: The Secret Son Bubba » Leatherface » (Text Extracted from Official Dossier Band – 1994 )

Died January 2011 Gaby (Guitar) and his companions decide to meet again to pay a tribute to his friend by contacting Quique Cuenca (The Ignorants , Self … ) guitar and great friend of the band for many years . And after a few trials play live at the Sala Circus of Cerdanyola the night of June 11 of that year , to the family, friends and fans of the group that fill the room . Needless to say, the Tribute to Gaby was a huge success , which was recorded on DVD. -That would be released as a double DVD by Jimmy Suicide Records in 2013-. From here choose to continue testing El Legado and concerts happen .

In October 2012 Juano (Guitar) left the band and in November of that year Dani (Bassist extinct in Los Guarriors), joins the ranks of El legado as guitar.

In November 2014 Wheelsound enter the studio sound engineer Txosse Ruiz and recorded their LP «El Legado» which would publish in July 2015 Coruñés seal El Beasto. With great acceptance of the public and specialized press.

The month of February 2016 Dani leaves the group.

El Legado continue as a quartet and resume their normal rhythm trials, and play live where they call them.

Today they follow his own high-octane Rock’n’Roll billed uncompromising.

Barcelona (March 2016)

Recorded Live 05/01/1990 night in the prison Cuatro Caminos (La Roca del Vallés , BCN )
Cassette ( Self-released 1990)

Contains 5 Tracks : En La Noche Está El Calor, As De Picas, Obsesion, The Last Easyrider y Sucias Mentiras ( All composed and written by El Legado issues ) Cassette ( Self-released 1991)

Topics included in the LP: » 1st Concurs Music Jove Cerdanyola
(Discmedi 1992)

Side A : Jimmy Suicide (El Legado) Side B : Los Absurdos (El Legado)
Single ( Macaco Records 1992)

Side A : Curriqui de Barrio (La Banda Trapera Del Rio) Side B : Monopatin (La Banda Trapera Del Rio) Produced by Jaime Gonzalo.
Single ( Capote Records 1992)

Side A: Burning For You (The Legacy), Cara B: Cell 7359 «Every New Law Means a New Criminal» (El Legado)
Sound Engineer: Enrique Lindo
Produced by Jaime Gonzalo. Single (Au-Go-Go Records, Melbourne – Australia – 1993)

+DVD 1
Tribute to Gaby in the Sala Circus of Cerdanyola del Valles , Barcelona – Spain 11/06/2011: Bandera Negra, As de Picas, En La Noche Está El Calor, The Last Easyrider, Vamos a Jugar Con Fuego, Sucias Mentiras,Los Absurdos, Jimmy Suicide, Burning For You y Cell 7359.

Extras: Photo Archive , Dossier, Posters and 2 Video Clips : Burning For You and Cell 7359 – Every New Law Means a New Criminal .

+DVD 2
Sala Savannah, Barcelona – Spain (1993): Jimmy Suicide, Burning For You, Cell 7359, Energía de Combate, Ritmo Animal, Donde Acaba Esta Ciudad, Search and Destroy y Lost Cause.

Pub Complex, Parets Del Valles , Barcelona – Spain ( 1993) : Bandera Negra, Zippo y Gasolina, As de Picas, En la Noche Está el Calor, Shake Your Dirt Mind, Paso a Paso en Caida, The Last Easyrider, Los Absurdos y Jimmy Suicide.

Living Garatge , Barcelona – Spain ( 1992) : En la Noche Está el Calor, Zippo y Gasolina, Paso a Paso en Caida, Shake Your Dirt Mind, As de Picas, The Last Easyrider, Los Absurdos, Jimmy Suicide, Burning For You, Cell 7359, Energía de Combate, Lost Cause y Curriqui de Barrio.

All songs have been composed and written by The Legacy , except: Search and Destroy (The Stooges ) Lost Cause ( Cosmic Psychos ) and Curriqui de Barrio ( La Banda Del Rio Trapera ) .

Double DVD Produced by El Legado and TV Eye Productions (Jimmy Suicide Records 2013)

CD Recorded live on Saturday January 18, 2014, at the Circus Room Cerdanyola del Vallès, Barcelona – Spain.
Contains 5 themes: Sucias Mentiras, Zippo y Gasolina, Burning For You, Calabozo 7359 and Search and Destroy.
CD Produced by El Legado and Chusky Records
(Jimmy Suicide Records 2014)

Recorded in Wheelsoundstudio, during the month of November 2014, Cerdanyola del Valles, Barcelona – Spain.

Cara A: Tu Verdad, Asco y Pena, As de Picas, En La Noche Esta el Calor, Zippo y Gasolina, Vamos a Jugar con Fuego.
Cara B: Bandera Negra, Les Venciste, Con Animo de Ofender, Sucias Mentiras, Burning For You, Calabozo 7359.

All songs have been composed and written by El Legado. Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Txosse Ruiz. LP (Gatefold) + CD + Poster + Post. Limited edition of 500 copies. Edited by Beasto Recordings (A Coruña – Spain – 2015)

JULEN (Vocals and Lyrics), K THE KING (Drums), RICARD (Bass), QUIQUE (Guitar and Backing Vocals)
GABY (1969 – 2011) R.I.P. (Guitar), JUANO (Guitar until 2012), DANI (Guitar from 2012 to 2016)

MC5, Grand Funk Railroad, AC/DC, Motörhead, The Stooges, The Doors, Jeff Dahl, Dead Boys, The Dictators, Manitoba´s Wild Kingdom, Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers, Hitmen, Burning, La Banda Trapera Del Rio, Desechables, The Cult, Aerosmith, Radio Birdman, The Rolling Stones, Tony Joe White, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Cosmic Psychos, New York Dolls, ZZ Top, The Cramps, Dogo Y Los Mercenarios, Jimi Hendrix, The Beasts Of Bourbon, The Birthday Party, La Muerte, Rose Tattoo, George Thorogood…

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