Eneida Marta

Eneida Marta is considered the great voice of Guiné-Bissau and is through it that reveals the soul of its people, expressing their rhythms and rituals.

Eneida Marta Contact: +34 613133726, eko@eko.cat.

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Eneida Marta is a singer born in Guinea Bissau with a voice of African root truly spectacular. Descendant of a family of artistic culture, mainly as a result of her father, artist from Cape Verde, and began to work at a very small voice and display it in the infantile stages of competitions voice and interpretation. A few years later, she emigrated to Portugal, where she continued doing what he liked most, singing. Taking part in singing classrooms and continued presenting contests voice to promote and thrive.

Later, she met Juca Delgado, one of the most important producers of African music in Portugal who opted for it, taking Eneida Marta for collaborations of various disc artists of the time, where she was gaining experience. And with her first solo album «Nô Stória» (Our history) edited by Maxi Music (Portugal) in 2001 and produced by Juca Delgado became operational in Cape Verde, France, Holland, Germany, Guinea Bissau and Portugal booting favorable criticism from the public and the media for this artist revelation.

With her second job «Amari» in 2002, Eneida Marta became a new musical reference and aroused the interest of Editors as «Putumayo,» «Star Club» and «JPS Production»; American, German and French respectively.

She was finally with Editora Putumayo United States with which Eneida Marta participates with her song «Na Bu Môn» her first album «Nô Stória» for a compilation dedicated to the music of the African colonies of Portugal «An Afro-Portuguese Odyssey «in 2002. This link, it opened the door to international recognition of his beloved music and its dramatic voice posicionándola lists frontline in the media.

It would in the year of 2002 that Eneida Marta again surprise to the media and his loyal audience with his second album «Amari» (Love of my life), a maxi-single which pays tribute to the music of Guinea Bissau and Cape Verde, where sings in Arabic showing their artistic side more restless and multifaceted.

Since its inception, Eneida Marta has been present in many scenarios European and international media, in addition to having worked with a large number of compilation albums of various kinds, as well as discs by artists of great music appreciation within the current landscape of Africa:

2002 – «Guiné – Sao Tomé.» Compilation of artists from Guinea Bissau and Sao Tome.
2003 – «Not Just the Music.» Hard-Portugal edited by ICC to raise funds for humanitarian aid in Africa.
2004 – «Mindjer» Nino Galissa (Guinea Bissau)
… Among many others.

In January 2006 presents its third album «Lôpe Kai» edited by Iris Music (France), from which starts the first European tour of Eneida Marta Tour Lôpe Kai 2006-2007 «. In the intense work Eneida Marta and Juca Delgado explore variety of styles. Gumbe, Tina, Singa, nuances Gospel (pulcros abundant and choirs), and Jazz. All wrapped in a full eroticism. ( «The factory rhythm»).
Hard very promising because in June 2005 won a contest in Portugal stood in the first position within the category of «World Music» with the song «Mindjer Dôlce Mel» and following it publishes its first video clip. Likewise, this issue is also within the compilation «Acoustic Africa» presented Putumayo World Music. And also in 2007 she won the award of best national femeal voice, this award was atributed by group of media in guinea-bissau.

Eneida Marta has become a new promise within the current music scene, picking up musical influences and vocal anywhere in the world, always works on the path of musical acoustics, and she is valued like one of the best African Divas present in many concerts and festivals around the world. One of the most important events that will participate soon is ZigFest 2015 with Baaba Maal, Salif Keita, Youssou Ndour, Tiken Jah Facoly and Justino Delgado and others important african musicians.

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